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Greenhouse Purpose And Automated Systems

The idea of a greenhouse is to control the environment more. Plants need a limited temperature range, soil moisture, light, moisture, air, and nutrient growth components. Plants also need some kind of physical medium to the roots and shoots.

Plants also depend on a symbiotic relationship with fungi and insects to thrive and reproduce. Glass lid to control many of these factors for the growth and reproduction of plants to help improve. In this article, you will get more information about the factors that are controlled in a greenhouse.

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A Greenhouse Can Control:

Heat – Try to dodge freezing or overheating – tomatoes and warm climate vegetable addition, some gardeners assume no growth occurs below 50 ° F or above 86 ° F, flowers can drop if the temperature is above 85 ° F.

Water – No rain directly on the ground in the greenhouse, so that irrigation must be provided, the amount of water and time can be controlled to optimize growth.

Light – cover each block a certain percentage (or certain light wavelengths) of light available to plants – shading can be beneficial when it is too hot.

Airflow and moisture – If the greenhouse is completely closed, the humidity will increase, and healthy plant culture is "net carbon Troubleshooter", carbon dioxide and oxygen decreases. 

Most of us start looking in order to control the greenhouse to heat (or less heat) for a particular installation.


Flora Wilson