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Getting Orthodontic Braces to Straighten Teeth in Kapolei

Orthodontists can understand if you have any concerns about braces. What can you expect to see during your first orthodontic exam?

To determine your individual needs, an orthodontist will provide a full assessment of your mouth. The first thing to be done is typically the cleaning of your teeth. The evaluation begins by examining your teeth visually to check for any obvious issues. You can also get comprehensive dental care services in Kapolei.

Understanding Metal Braces for Orthodontic Treatment

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Further documentation of your teeth involves taking photos of your smile as well as your teeth. The next thing is to take x-rays and scans of your jaw's entire structure as well as your teeth.

Your dentist will evaluate your needs in detail and provide the treatment which is suitable for your specific needs. In this phase, it all comes down to the expertise of the dentist you have chosen to carry out the procedure.

In accordance with the circumstances, the majority of the time, teeth are extremely compacted. This can be a problem for orthodontics since teeth don't have the space to move into new positions. The solution is to either use tooth "spacers" put in to separate the teeth in a slight manner or to remove teeth in order to allow for the change or use an expander for the palette.

Certain people have an excessive amount of space between teeth. In the case of others, there is a growth of bone between the teeth and could hinder the joining of teeth. 

Surgery can resolve this issue fast and safely. The bone is carefully removed between the teeth which leave plenty of space for correcting the tooth's position.


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