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Free Up Space using Loft beds with storage

In most hostels around the world, rooms are usually shared by at least two people. This lack of space can not only be inconvenient but also just cause problems between roommates. The best solution is an elevated lofted bed with space underneath  to maximize space.

Common Materials

Metal is the most commonly used material by students and really makes for some great looking and highly functional dorm furniture. They can be both easily assembled and disassembled which makes things convenient after graduation or if you change rooms, or move to another location.

Usually, a metal loft bed with a desk is also fairly lightweight so you won't have a hard time transporting it either.

Elevated Lofted bed with space underneath 

Wood can be another incredibly attractive way to go. Since they are so strong a wood loft bed with a desk underneath is ideal for heavier students. Most wooden beds have a sturdier construction and depending on the type of wood more durable.

If you are on the tall in size, try to find a full-sized loft bed that will fit your whole body. While they may be a little larger with a little maneuvering and creativity in arranging them you'll be guaranteed to free up space.

Desk Uses

The desk below the bed serves as a place to study, eat, and of course, relax. It can also be used as a storage space for school supplies, books, bags, and other belongings. This space can be used to place the computer.


There are many fabulous accessories that can be organized in the room. One or two bean bag chairs are always both handy and comfy. A bookshelf to keep your books organized is a smart choice. 

Flora Wilson