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Discover Shaw Carpet Lines

Shaw Carpet Industries is a US-based manufacturer providing broadloom carpeting, tiles, and area rugs to its down line of retailers across the US, Canada, Mexico, and Australia.

Shaw carpet is known for its quality carpets and floor coverings. They provide an innovative line of products that are designed to fulfill the needs of the family. They attempt to make your shopping experience more enjoyable and less stressful with the selection of carpets and flooring and their customer support program to choose from.

Shaw Carpets is headquarters is located in Dalton Georgia that has been lovingly nicknamed the carpet capital of the world. Shaw also has 25 distribution facilities across the US and maintains one of the biggest trucking fleets in the US so that they can move their own goods reliably and cheaper. This means more options for you and better prices. And if a carpet isn't in stock it means quicker arrival. For detailed guides on how to clean carpets, check CleaningRank.

Most of us have probably familiar with some of Shaw's product lines such as their Philadelphia lineup, their Queen lineup, or their Sutton carpet line. All name brand quality products to give your house those finishing touches.

However, Shaw carpeting is famous for something more than its carpeting. It's famous for its commitment to building environmentally friendly carpets and floor coverings. Back in 2003 Shaw, the world's largest carpet manufacturer, adopted a new policy that no carpet manufacturer has ever tried to do.

Shaw committed the production process of the company to follow the natural cycle of renewal of nature. What this means is Shaw is committed to producing carpets that will break down and can be reused by recycling.

Shaw takes their surroundings seriously offering this up unprecedented environmental policy. One reason to take a look at what Shaw carpets have to offer in carpeting and area rugs.

Shaw offers a complete line of home carpeting and a wonderful line of area rugs in over 150 unique lines. The Anthology line is made from classic wool and is available in 9 patterns and styles. The Accents line is 100% Polypropylene or olefin and is 100% machine washable. It offers 36 distinct patterns and styles to choose from. 

Flora Wilson