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Different Types Of Pool Enclosures

There is often confusion about the different types of pool enclosures. Fixed pool covers are not the same thing as walkable or movable covers. You can get the best inground pool enclosure via

inground pool enclosure

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Below are the  best options to cover your design pool. 

Rigid flat cover

The swimming pool enclosure is made from a retractable cover. It can be made of synthetic timber, aluminum , or galvanized iron. It is available in manual or motorized versions. 

You have two options for opening the pool cover: longitudinal opening where parts of the cover are retained along the pool's sides or both; or cross-opening in which the cover is located at one end.

Swimming enclosure with removable rigid cover

This is a type a swimming pool enclosure that acts as a lid and on which there is a garden. When the pool is covered, the cover is moved to the side so that the garden can be seen to one side.

 It is also known as a Mobile Garden. You also have the option of opening the cover on both sides to create a garden along each side.  

Mansard Roof

This enclosure style has a flat top and sides that slope to meet the house and wall panels. Because of its open design, a mansard roof feels spacious. This is also the most common enclosure style.

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