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Customized Wall Calendars For Any Occasion

Photo Wall Calendar provides an opportunity to customize every single page. Choose any photo you want; these can range from pictures of you and your family to vacation photos taken, even photos of a newborn baby, or any other event or occasion.

This includes the cover, which can be customized with photos and calendar display screen titles. You can also customize by adding each monthly page with photos.

calendar display screen

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Adding Text And Choosing A Start Month

In addition to adding photos, customized wall calendars allow you to include your text. You can write the title for the cover and caption with each individual monthly photo.

You can also choose the order in which pictures will appear and decide on the calendar start month that personalized wall calendars are a great gift idea to give to any loved one to mark any milestone.

Birthday Calendars

Digital photos provide the best quality finish with a photo calendar but you can also use other formats of the picture. Scan photos of the old child and include these in the birthday calendar to create a kind of photo magazine of the recipient’s life.

Wedding Calendars

Use favorite wedding photos to create an incredible looking wedding calendar. When you clearly cannot deliver the finished item on the wedding day, you can give a gift voucher that enables the couple to choose their favorite photos and add their own captions.

Flora Wilson