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Commercialization Of Biomedical Research

With the commencement of the commercialization of biomedical research, the scenario of research institutions has changed dramatically.

Given falling government funding for basic research, technology transfer is certainly a relief for universities and research institutes. Let us first clarify why technology transfer is so beneficial to the world and science.

This is how technology transfer works – students, assistants and professors work tirelessly in university laboratories, creating innovative theories and products. However you can also use biomedical test equipment which is available at Pronk Technologies.

These theories and products, when used by humans, can be of great benefit to mankind. However, academic staff cannot do it alone.

To do this, you need an organized sector like industry to turn research into products and then produce it on a large scale for human consumption.

Now technology transfer at the University of Nebraska is just like that, where technology developed in university laboratories is transferred to industry for research commercial use. Thus, the final product of the study was intended for human consumption.

What is the function of the office? If you think the commercialization of biomedical research is an easy process, as that sounds like your description, you are seriously wrong. There are many complexities involved in the process. 

Flora Wilson