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Collecting Disney Action Figures

When buying Disney Action Figures, there are two approaches you can take. Get more info about disney figure through 

  • You can afford to play.
  • You can afford to collect

 Toy Story franchise as Disney's most successful animated franchise ever, at least for now. Many Disney Toy Story characters are very likely to be the collection. But which one do you choose? So many out there, and most probably will fall well shy collectible status.

In my opinion, you should start with the Disney / Pixar Toy Story Collection TS3 official. Disney figures can be identified by the inclusion of Toy Story Collection certificate of authenticity. This collection also tends to have a little more detail, which also plays a lot into the probability of collectible status.

 Although many sites can vary a little character names descriptions, most have to tell you in the description of the actual item if a particular action figure comes with a certificate.

Now I have to leave you with a final warning, especially if you are new to Disney digits to collect. If you happen to have children and you decide to invest in this Disney action figure, you might want to embrace both approaches. If you do not, then be prepared to have a really good hiding lest you be accused of brutal. Exciting as this toy to collect, let's be honest, they are even more fun to play with.


Flora Wilson