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Choosing Pine Wardrobes Over Oak

Pine wardrobes can bring out the sophistication and style in your room or even your garden. Pine wardrobes may cost more than the traditional oak or pine wardrobes but they will last longer and give you more value for money. From large triple wide wardrobes designed especially for adults, to smaller children's wardrobes, whole wardrobe range provides a large quantity of space to store all your clothing and accessories neatly.

Pine wardrobe is one of the most popular materials used by interior designers for creating beautiful and unique bedroom designs. For a more rustic look, pine wardrobes can be chosen as they blend in well with other natural materials and are very affordable. Rustic wood can really enhance any bedroom and pine wardrobes provide a very good option. Decorating your bedroom should be an equally important task as is purchasing furniture for the rest of the house. Choosing the right combination of colours and textures will create a great-looking room.

Pine is a unique type of hardwood that is extremely versatile and durable. It has a smooth, shiny finish that is also very dense making it ideal for use in bedroom furniture sets. Most pine furniture will have an antique look to it. You will also find with pine furniture that the fine detail of the wood is very well carved. The grain of the wood varies depending on where it is grown and whether it is treated or not.

With pine wardrobes you can choose from a variety of different coloured timber and finishes including, natural, white, rose and black. Natural wood finishes look very natural in any environment, whereas treated pine will not. You can have your furniture stained to create a rustic look or paint it with a lighter colour to give it an extra layer of warmth. You can even choose a pine wardrobe with a pine tiled bottom to make your walk in closet even more appealing.

Many people purchase pine wardrobes for their bedroom furniture because it looks extremely stylish, unlike some of the other types of wardrobe available. There are many different styles of wardrobe available such as those that are solid and have drawers within them or those which are in boxes but the doors open. If you're not sure about the look you would like to have then it's a good idea to look at some ready made ones so you can see what they look like. Ready-made wardrobes can also come with lots of additional features such as cupboards and side racks. They may be more expensive than the other styles, but they certainly will add a lot of style to your home.

Solid pine wardrobes can come in many different designs such as some that will feature walnut stained wood. This is a very popular look which gives a complete homely feel. These wardrobes can be made in a range of different colours which include cream, white, off-white, walnut and even a mixture of colours such as beige and black. Many people also prefer a coloured dusting of paint over the whole wardrobe giving it an extra touch of style. Solid pine wardrobes don't just come in a single shape either; you can purchase pine wardrobe with door features, double or even triple doors, drawer features and plenty of depth.

The benefits of owning a wardrobe featuring pine wardrobes is plenty, for instance; you can buy them ready made and assembled so you don't need to be a skilled craftsman to make your own. Ready-made wardrobes also save you money and are much more practical than buying a second hand wardrobe, especially if you don't have the money for a brand new piece. It is a myth that ready-made wardrobes don't look good; in fact, they often look better than the real thing and if you use pine furniture to build your wardrobe you will be amazed at the results. They can be built in all manner of sizes including small, medium and large depending on how much you have to work with and the amount of pine furniture you have.

The most popular styles of pine wardrobes include: single doors, double doors and double hinged doors. You can choose to have a single door, double door or triple door pine wardrobe depending on your needs and budget. If you only need a small wardrobe made for a bedroom or even a wardrobe for an office cubicle you will find that a single door wardrobe is perfect, you may only need a hinged door to create a full sized wardrobe without it looking out of place. A double door wardrobe will add some style to your room and is good for a guest room as well as a wardrobe that you use when entertaining. A triple door wardrobe is perfect for a bedroom as well as a wardrobe that you use in your office.

Flora Wilson