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Check The Best Parrot Supplies – Toy Safety Tips

All of us know how important toys are to the psychological health of a parrot. It is entertaining to see our parrots play with all the vivid wooden toys, ladders, and swings. But like toys for kids, there are things to understand and be watching out for. All toys aren't created equal or SAFE! For the best care of your parrot, you can also buy the products for feather picking at

Ensure any toy you purchase on your parrot is secure for it to utilize while unsupervised. Most of us know critters are unattended and they can get into all sorts of trouble. Doesn't that seem familiar to parents?


Here are a couple of pointers that will assist you to choose the best and safest toys for the bird so that he does not wind up hurting himself. Avoid toys that"jingle bells" onto them. They may sound nice and keep your bird entertained however they are easily able to grab a toe or beak (particularly smaller birds) inside them causing harm. Avoid flimsy plastic toys which will readily split or toys that have tiny parts on the interior like a clapper in a little bell.

Ensure to manage any playtime with these hot wiffle ball toys. Smaller birds can find a fur or beak captured from the holes along the bigger birds may split them and take away the small pieces. Speaking of feet, parrots can quickly grab a toe in string links that aren't closed correctly so inspect anyone hangs from the cage.

Be sure that the toys you purchase are of a suitable size for a particular parrot. Ring toys are particularly dangerous if they're mismatched. The links and rings which are frequently utilized to attach toys to the crate may be a large issue. 

Eliminating the dangerous assortment of toys will not restrict the assortment of toys you can get your parrot at all. Only check around before purchasing. There are loads of protected varieties to maintain your pet parrot healthy and safe.

Flora Wilson