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Rwanda- A Remarkable Tourist Attraction With Countless Natural Wonders

Rwanda is a small landlocked country in Africa with innumerable natural wonders to explore along with some adventurous activities like Gorilla trekking, hiking, volcano climbing and many more. Let us find out the various aspects that make Rwanda an ultimate adventure destination!

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Mountain Gorilla Trekking:

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda is considered as a life changing experience. With only around 880 Gorillas left in the world one can find these huge yet gentle creatures in their natural habitat. Isn't it an exciting opportunity!

These glorious creatures make their homes in and amongst the bamboo-covered slopes of the Virunga Mountains in the Volcanoes National Park in the northern part of Rwanda.

With expert guides trek to see and spend an overwhelming hour with one of the fully familiarized mountain Gorilla families crouching just a few feet away. Although Rwanda is known for Mountain Gorillas but other primates like the chimpanzees can be found here.

Experiencing the Culture:

Culture and tradition are the parameters that define the true essence of a place. Rwanda has kept its essence intact by keeping an ancient tradition alive especially the ones that are associated with honor and hospitality. The Rwandan people feel proud and happy to introduce you to their traditions.

Music and dance are an inevitable part of their everyday life and the performances include elegant exhibitions of bravery and prowess to amusing songs, cheerful dances, and rural artistry with roots in traditional agriculture. Traditional songs often go with a solitary Lulunga-a harp-like instrument with eight strings.

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These are the Misconceptions about Indonesia You Should Learn


Indonesia is one of the best and finest countries in the world that is capable of attracting tons of tourists from across the globe. However, these are misconceptions about this country that is being widely spread across the globe. For instance; due to either lack of knowledge or evidence there are a few who think this country is not worth visiting. If you decide to travel to Indonesia, then learn about these misconceptions and you will understand why.

  1. Being an Islamic Country – When it comes to religion, majority of the Indonesians belong to the Muslim religion. However, this does not define you the entire picture about Indonesia. Apart from the Muslim community there are 6 more religions local practice and follow.
  2. Indonesia is in Bali – Bali is one of the best destinations in the world that is always flocked with tourists. The one misconception people have is they believe that Indonesia is in Bali based on the geography. However, it is the other way around where Bali belongs to one of the provinces of Indonesia.
  3. Locals only Wear Conventional Clothes – Another wide misconception about Indonesia is that Indonesians only wear traditional clothes. Now some part of this is true because women belonging to the Muslim community are required to cover their body. But there are others who wear western clothes that do not belong to the Muslim community.

These are some of the misconceptions about Indonesia one should know before traveling. However, before you start your journey, you should consider getting the best package for Indonesia tour.