Benefits Of Oculus Quest 2 For Corporate Training

The Quest 2 is a VR headset that lets you experience VR apps without the need for a powerful PC or mobile phone. 

The standalone headset comes with everything you need to power the VR experience, making it an effective tool for all types of training in VR. You can browse to purchase  oculus quest lenses.

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Summary of features for the Oculus Quest 2

  1. Personal viewing – Crystal clear optics and state-of-the-art 3D graphics make your headset feel more like a personal theatre.
  2. Portable and easy to use – Experience portable, all-in-one VR. That means no PC, phone, wires, or hassles.
  3. Controllers – Easily navigate around any virtual training simulation with the intuitive hand controllers.

The Quest 2 runs on the Oculus for Business platform, an enterprise-grade Workplace by Facebook that adheres to strict data security standards.

  1. Scalable platform: Run the deployment and management of a large fleet of Quest devices using our simple, cloud-based device management tools.
  2. Security and privacy: Powerful account management and access control tools to safeguard your devices and software.
  3. Support and warranties: Get enterprise-grade hardware and software support via chat, email, and phone. Products come with extended 24-month hardware warranties, and you can quickly exchange faulty devices to avoid interrupting your business.
  4. Built on Workplace by Facebook: Built on the infrastructure and privacy practices of Workplace by Facebook, the platform includes strong data center security, 24/7 threat monitoring, multiple layers of encryption, and advanced technologies such as machine learning.

Flora Wilson