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Benefits Of Hiring The Residential Architects

There are several benefits that come from hiring one of the best residential architects. Some of the advantages are:

Schematic design

This is also referred to as the initial draft or consultation and preliminary draft. Here the experts will visit and inspect your construction site with the aim of gathering data that will allow them to find your thoughts, budget and home needs. The architect offers drawings that describe the shape, size and appearance of your building from the “selection of our projects” (which is also known as utvalg av vre prosjekter” in the Norwegian language).

Design development

Once the experts understand your needs and go to the construction site, they will sit down and sketch the floor design, roof design, interior and exterior cladding of the house.

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Construction documents

This is a point-by-point drawing designed to show that your building is legal and safe. These documents further help the contractor to build a house that is indistinguishable from the plan. The architect will tell you about the archive you need.


In order to find the best and most qualified contract workers, you will need to ask a number of contractors to send you their applications. After the contractor submits the application, the architect will help you review the application with a specific end goal to focus on the best.

Construction process management

If you don't understand the building process or don't have enough energy to consistently visit construction sites, an architect will help you with this. Experts visit construction sites and make sure everything is completed according to plan.

Flora Wilson