Apply Italian Citizenship By Descent Of Women

Beneath the Italian Law, a lady of italian descent born before January 1, 1948 (the date when Italy became a Republic) could just transmit Italian citizenship for her children born after January 1, 1948. This law is  strictly imposed by all Italian Consulates in the United states. 

By way of instance, if your grandmother was born in 1920 and your dad in 1942, then you wouldn't be qualified to apply throughout your paternal grandma.

In 2009 there was significant development concerning this legislation. A trial case contested the law as spoonful of Italian women by not providing them the right to pass citizenship. The High Court of Rome determined that this discrimination must stop, and awarded the Italian citizenship to female's descendant.

This cooperates with the tremendously successful law firm in Italy that won the very first situation and has won over 1000 of instances for descendants for ladies who weren't qualified to apply for citizenship by descent in the consulates under the 1948 law enforcement. Now you can easily apply for italian citizenship in Italy  by descent of women.

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Contemplating this legal precedent, there's currently a higher likelihood of getting Italian citizenship through a Italian female ancestor that comes under this group. You don't have to be present in Italy to take part in the trial and also each member of your family (sisters, brothers, uncles, cousins, etc.) who share the exact same Italian ancestor can combine the circumstances.

Following a successful court case and the awarding of this citizenship, the offender (s) will be enrolled in the italian civil registry as Italian citizen(s) and can get Italian passports.

Flora Wilson