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All Natural & Healthy Black Truffle Salt Recipes

If you're wondering where to buy black truffle salt, look no farther. Thanks to its amazing shelf life, most online sellers sell black truffle salt almost on demand. However, as with all truffles, real black truffle salt always outlasts fake truffles in value/oz. The trick is to know how to tell the difference between the two.

There are several obvious differences between black truffle salt (also called nacre or longer salt) and regular sea salt. First of all, unlike sea salt or table salt, which have a neutral taste, black truffle salt has a very salty flavor. The flavor is much like an extremely dry desert or smoked flavor. This salty taste is often found in high-end culinary recipes. The flavor is also associated with fish and certain meats.

In addition, black truffle salt contains a little bit of sugar, but not a whole lot. A little bit of sugar is good for the stomach, but it's not necessary. It has a somewhat intense flavor that some find unpleasant. In fact, one of the reasons that it's so popular is because it's just a little bit sweet. Unlike regular table salt, it doesn't taste bitter, but it can be a bit difficult to taste after the first few sittings.

A little bit of black truffle salt sprinkled over dry cereal or mixed with a little bit of water and stirred is a wonderful way to add a delightful flavor to cereal. You might be surprised to learn that this seasoning can also be added to a large salad or vegetable dish without any bitterness or additional calories. Sprinkle some on top of steamed broccoli for a bright, tasty treat that is low in calories.

Another great thing about this salty herb is that it can be used both in and outside of the kitchen. Seasoned salt and olive oil to make a delicious truffle for a meal that calls for a little bit of crunchy taste. Another way you can use black truffle salt is to sprinkle it onto the pasta. Just remember to keep the olive oil on the sides and sprinkle the seasoning on only the bottom of the pasta.

Seasoning pasta with black truffle salt works particularly well with fresh mushrooms. The mushroom flavor lends the pasta a little bit of a rich, buttery flavor. This flavorful seasoning is also very nice with garlic. You can even sprinkle it onto eggplant, zucchini, and potato salads. Salads with a little bit of olive oil or butter can be enhanced by the addition of a little black truffle salt to the mix as well. Add it onto cooked or raw vegetables, rice, pasta, or whatever else you want to sprinkle it on.

This is one of the most popular items in the world, so you're sure to find plenty of black truffle salt to go around. If you have friends over, you can show them the many uses for this salty treat and they will never get tired of it. You don't have to put this on just any kind of food though. If you are trying to lose weight, this salt is extremely healthy for you to use. Since it is lower in sodium than regular table salt, it will keep you from having to watch your diet. This is just another reason why you should make sure to have this wonderful seasoning in your pantry.

Try sprinkling some black truffle salt onto your next salad to add that wonderful flavor to any green veggies. It also goes great on roasted potatoes or just about anything else you'd like to put on it. Make sure you use this seasoning on everything you cook, if you don't then you're missing out on one of the best flavors known to man. The high levels of magnesium, iron, and calcium make this a very healthy seasoning to use in just about anything you would cook. The fact that you don't need to go to the unhealthy landfills to find this heavenly flavor is just icing on the cake.

Flora Wilson