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Aerospace Application: Paint Spray Booth

The aerospace paint booth provides the ideal environment for painting aircraft such as fighter jets, commercial aircraft and helicopters. Adjust paint booth: humidity, temperature, airflow and pressure for proper coating and curing applications.  

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Spray booths are divided into three different designs: air pressure, chamber or airflow. The air pressure construction cab has negative or positive pressure. Excess pressure means the pressure inside the cab is greater than the pressure outside the cab.

Air pressure inside the cab is provided by the air freshener system and replaces the air expelled by the fan. The cab design can be built with closed or open areas. The open cab is equipped with three walls consisting of a ceiling without doors and an open front cab.

In contrast, the enclosed cabin structure is closed on all sides with the ceiling closed and contains the aircraft entrances. Usually these cabins have one door so that the ship can enter / reverse or two doors to allow the aircraft to pass through the cabin.

Final design, airflow design, including side push, cross push, or undershoot. The side draft of the spray chamber filters air which enters the chamber on one side and is exhausted on the opposite side of the chamber.

Cab traction design filters air entering the cab through the door and flowing to the opposite end of the cab. The final type of construction is a lower draft that filters the air in the cabin from the ceiling and moves it downward.

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