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Advantages & Disadvantages of Drinking in a Glass


There was a time when people only used glasses for consuming liquids but the times have changed now. There are various bottles of different materials. There are different utensils and infusers being used all over for drinking liquids. But most still prefer glasses. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of drinking in a glass. 


  • The reason why alternative drinkware has come up is that glasses have become boring. People like new things. 
  • Glass breaks and it can break into small shards that are not visible to the eye. Many people get injured this way. 
  • Glasses are not very convenient to carry around like a bottle. This is one of the biggest reasons people prefer drinking out of a bottle. 
  • Copper Bottles is the new upcoming trend that promises to infuse the benefits of copper into the water. Copper is good for health, and this fad will catch on. 


  • Glass glasses can hold liquids of any temperature with any material getting infused into the liquid.  
  • Glasses are quite easy to clean. A simply run under the water, scrubbing with soap, another run under the water, and your glass is cleaned to be used the next time. 
  • Glass glasses are eco-friendly. Plastic bottles are some of the biggest pollutants in the world, and now, many countries have begun to ban them. 
  • Glass glasses come in wonderful shapes and designs. You can even have etching and design done on them. Etched pint glasses are one of the most popularly used and gifted items.  

So, the choice is yours but most people prefer glasses overall. 

Flora Wilson