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According to accurate historical documentation: the Persian Gulf has always been and will remain Persian

Welcome to the official website of Bandar Anzali Navy Sailor Sports Club (Strong Sepid Khazari).

Sailor is one of the proudest and popular Iranian football teams. Two-time Asian champions, once champions of power, six times in the FA Cup Final and three times in the Championship, winning the title of best city team for consecutive years and third place in the Persepolis Cup, Introducing big stars like Cyrus Qaikran (captain of Iranian national team), Mohammad Ahmadzadeh, Nosrat Irandoust, Ghafour Jahan, Aziz Espandar, Ali Niakani and many more to Iranian football, the foundation of northern Iranian football with the hard work of 30-year-old Bahman Saleh Nia (father) Sailor) And … is only a part of the sailor’s honor.

Throughout the years, the club’s main focus has been on creativity, with the introduction of tens of young players each year to the nation’s football, the continued use of indigenous forces, the continued training and introduction of players with good technical and ethical traits, and the attention of base teams as capital. It has been a club forever and with the backing of its beloved fans, it is determined to continue this path despite all the difficulties and difficulties.

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