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A Brooks Saddle Can Make Your Bicycle More Comfortable

No matter what kind of bike you ride there is one component that is critical to how much you enjoy riding your bicycle. The component I'm referring to is the bicycle seat, which is also known as a bicycle saddle. The level of comfort you feel while riding your bicycle is significantly dependent on what kind of bicycle saddle you have. This is a fact that the Brooks England company acknowledged well over 100 years ago when they started making the B17 leather bicycle saddle.

The Brooks B17 saddle is designed with two things prioritized over everything else. The top priority of the Brooks saddle is to ensure a comfortable bike ride. Second on the priorities is a clean aesthetic look. If you take a look at the Brooks saddle review posted on TailHappyTV you will see that this is a leather saddle and it is not particularly soft. However, you will also learn in this Brooks B17 saddle review that you don't really want a soft seat if comfort is your goal. A comfortable bike saddle will fit your sit bones well. The problem is, since everybody has a different particular sit bone anatomy, there is no one seat that will be perfect for you right out of the box.

Brooks England company has attempted to solve this problem with their Brooks B17 saddle that is made from leather that will mold to your particular sit bones over time as you ride your bike. Even though there is a break in time for the Brooks saddle, most people find the bike seat comfortable right out of the box. However, like a fine wine, the Brooks B17 saddle only gets better with time as you ride it.

Flora Wilson