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5 Factors to Keep in Mind When Buying a Bar Stool

Choosing the perfect bar stool for your kitchen or living room need not be difficult. There are many online furniture retailers such as House Things offer up to 70 percent off suggested retail price in some cases. You should visit online and grab the deal.

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Simply keep the following five factors in mind when shopping and you’ll end up with bar stools that look and feel right at home.

1. Height

When shopping for bar stools, consider the height of the stool within the space. Do this by placing a strip of masking tape from the floor to the underside of the bar, then by marking on the tape the height of any bar stool you like.

This allows you to see how much space will be between the underside and the seat. Will you and guests fit comfortably in the space? Or will you be knocking your knees against the bar or worse yet need to sit on a phone book to comfortably reach it?

2. Adjustability

You need not keep the above in mind if you opt for a bar stool that adjusts. This works especially well for stools in the kitchen area, where kids may sit on the same stools as adults. Adjustable bar stools use a gas lift mechanism that can be easily used by younger members of the family who need a boost.

3. Seatback

Also consider whether or not you want a bar stool with a seat back. They offer more comfort, especially if padded, and support than those without, but some homeowners prefer the more sleek style of bar stools without seatbacks.

4. Arms

Just as with seat backs, some homeowners prefer to go without arms for aesthetic reasons and also because arms on a bar stool not of the just-right height can ding a wooden bar when pushed in and get dinged.

5. Design

This factor proves the easiest to keep in mind, as you should choose a design of bar stool just as you would any other furniture in your home. If opting for wood, go with a finish that matches or complements surrounding wood in the room, including cabinets if buying for the kitchen. Same with metals. If you have chrome features on your furniture, then bar stools with chrome legs are an excellent choice.


No matter which style of bar stool you settle on, be sure to shop for the best price online before making a purchase. You also might want to order one bar stool to see how it fits into the space and decor, before ordering the full set.

Flora Wilson